About Me

A summation of my background, skills, and education.

Niko Roberts


Ambitious and determined, a jack of all trades, master of most. Willing to put in the time and effort required to succeed, whether it be a personal endeavor or professional goal. Though confident in my abilities, there is always more to learn and accomplish.


Unafraid to fail. Unwilling to waiver.

A strong history of striving for success and overcoming obstacles, all while adapting and evolving my skills and talents. I have learned through my experiences to be ready for anything that comes my way, and know there is always a solution, even if it is outside my abilities.

  • Project Manager
  • Independent Contractor
  • Entrepreneur


A for effort. E for Efficiency.

I believe the effort you put into your work is only half the battle, there are many different ways to tackle the problems we face in life, but the way we manage and effectively deal with these problems can always be improved.

  • Team Player/Leader
  • Self-Motivated
  • Versatile


Knowledge is power

I have struggled in the past to find purpose, after traveling down many difficult roads in my life I found my way into programming. A perfectionist at heart, with an affinity for problem solving, I knew from the start this was something I could pursue passionately. SMU taught me how much, and how quickly, we can learn; so long as we are committed to our goal, we can achieve anything.

  • SMU